Politeia Proposals

Politeia is Decred's blockchain-anchored proposal system used for Decred's operational initiatives that don't affect consensus.
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Title Author Proposal Status Vote Status Age Updated
Sweepstakes geraldoneto Abandoned N/A 2018-12-04
Upgrade mining algorithm to ProgPoW engineerking Abandoned N/A 2018-12-04
Decred integration into Crypto-ATMs bcashgr Public Finished 2018-12-02
Decred Radio Advertising, 190+ FM and AM Stations, + Intl. Satellite ftl_ian Public Finished 2018-11-28
Decredex fabianreum Public Finished 2018-11-28
Decred Contractor Clearance Process jy-p Public Finished 2018-11-13
Premium Listing for Decred on Easyrabbit easyrabbit Public Finished 2018-10-31
Wachsman Communications Proposal for Decred tomcurranlevett Public Finished 2018-10-25
Ditto Communications Proposal for Decred blainr Public Finished 2018-10-24
Decred Open Source Research richard-red Public Finished 2018-10-22
Change language: PoS Mining to PoS Voting, Stakepool to Voting Service Provider richard-red Public Finished 2018-10-18
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