Politeia Proposals

Politeia is Decred's blockchain-anchored proposal system used for Decred's operational initiatives that don't affect consensus.
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Title Author Proposal Status Vote Status Age Updated
A Journey to the Future of Work- Telling the DCR story through Politeia jer979 Public Started 2019-05-16
Fiat Pairs integration on EXMO Exchange vadymprykhodko Public Finished 2019-04-08
Decred Open Source Research proposal 2 - research projects richard-red Abandoned N/A 2019-04-05
Amendment to Decred Constitution - 001 richard-red Public Finished 2019-04-05
Decentralize Treasury Spending moo31337 Public Finished 2019-04-02
Bring decred to Africa (Ghana) Adoption program for merchants and businesses georgepro Public Finished 2019-04-02
Trust Wallet - Integration with Decred oregonisaac Public Finished 2019-03-20
RFP: Decred Decentralized Exchange Infrastructure jy-p Public Finished 2019-03-05
Decred Integration for IDAX Exchange acean Public Finished 2019-02-26
Decred ATM Integration - Approval for Planning Phase oregonisaac Public Finished 2019-02-25
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